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We guarantee that grades will improve by at least one whole letter grade!*

Parent Funded Academic Tutoring

The Academic Advantage offers academic tutoring (including foreign languages) which uses one-on-one tutoring techniques in order to provide a focused, productive and enjoyable learning atmosphere.

All Subjects

Tutoring is available for all subjects, including English, Spanish, all sciences, including biology and chemistry, along with math, such as algebra and geometry.

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At The Academic Advantage every tutorial is tailored to fit each student's individual needs and learning abilities. By concentrating on the particular needs of each student, our tutors provide the most efficient instruction available.

Overwhelming research supports the benefits of one-on-one tutoring in improving students' grades, study skills, and confidence. Tutoring has demonstrated itself effective for short-term review and test preparation. It has also proved invaluable for instilling the student's confidence and promoting long-term academic success. Teachers, students and parents have all recognized the force of emphasizing classroom concepts in a private, one-on-one environment.


The curriculum used at The Academic Advantage is a supplement to what is taught during the regular school day. Our tutors work with current classroom assignments and prepare for upcoming tests, rather than assign excessive additional material that only overwhelms students. W hat they learn during each session will be directly applied to their class work. Diagnostic assessments and/or additional learning materials are available upon request in order to pinpoint each student strengths and weaknesses.

Learning for a Lifetime

At times a student's difficulty with a particular subject is directly related to their lack of proper studying skills. When necessary, The Academic Advantage will also make it a priority to teach effective studying habits and learning techniques, so that students will continue to succeed in their academic careers throughout their education. Parents are consistently amazed at their children's academic improvement once they've established effective study skills.

Testimonials & Commendations

People are talking behind our backs!
People are talking behind our backs!

Whether it’s government officials, educators or parents, everyone has something good to say about The Academic Advantage!

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