Government Funded Group Tutoring

At The Academic Advantage, we strive to instill a love for learning in each and every one of our students, by providing them with the necessary skills that will help them succeed throughout their academic careers; especially in the areas of English Language Arts (including reading) and Mathematics.

Our proven track record of marked improvement shows that we consistently unlock each student's full potential by using instructional materials that address the student’s specific deficiencies according to specific state academic learning standards, and grade level expectations. Students participating in our program work in collaborative groups to achieve a supportive learning environment and increase participation and accountability. Lastly, our Government Funded Program is successful due to these several key program factors:

  • Curriculum that is aligned to state academic learning standards;
  • An established partnership between parents and school administrators to create effective after-school tutoring sessions at the student’s school.
  • A maximum group setting of 10:1
  • Tutoring sessions located at the student’s school
  • Highly qualified instructional staff
  • Flexibility and customization to all students’ needs including ELL and Special Education
  • Snacks – to provide students with energy and help them focus on their work

Curriculum and Assessment

The Academic Advantage program helps students build essential English Language Arts (including reading) and Math skills quickly and effectively. Aligned to state academic learning standards, our program is designed to meet each student at his/her grade level and serves as a true supplement to what is taught in the classroom.

Our curriculum and assessments are of high quality and researched-based designed to identify areas of weakness in our students and provide a full guided course of instruction for our tutors. Through our pre-assessments, we identify the learning needs of each student and develop an individualized learning plan for each one of them. This plan serves as a tool to guide instruction and measures student progress. These elements combined, with a supportive group learning environment, engage our students in the learning process and will provide them the skills needed to be successful!


The Academic Advantage has a dedicated staff that is committed to implementing successful programs and is devoted to inspire learning. Our tutors are highly qualified and the very best to lead your child onto the path to success! All tutors undergo continuous professional development throughout their time at The Academic Advantage, and most importantly, they must complete a comprehensive training program prior to staring instruction. The training program includes:

  • An intensive curriculum and assessment training
  • Administrative and procedural training
  • Engaging and motivating instructional techniques to deliver the highest-quality education
  • Progress reporting and communicating to parents and school administrators

Communication and Reporting

The Academic Advantage strongly believes in timely, accurate and effective communication between parents, students and school administrators. Throughout the course of our program, we remain in constant contact via in-person meetings and student reports. The Academic Advantage provides the following reports:

  • Individualized Student Learning Plans (SLP) – SLPs identify the
  • student’s strengths and weaknesses on the pre-assessment and also indicate the learning goals for each student
  • Student Progress Reports – Identify the student’s progress in meeting their learning goals.
  • Comprehensive program report - Detailing the student’s progress throughout the program

Testimonials & Commendations

People are talking behind our backs!
People are talking behind our backs!

Whether it’s government officials, educators or parents, everyone has something good to say about The Academic Advantage!

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