Testimonials & Commendations

Whether it's government officials, educators, parents or students, everyone has something good to say about The Academic Advantage! Here's just a small sampling of what people have been saying about The Academic Advantage.

"The Academic Advantage has a program that is outstanding. I have yet to come across an after-school educational program that is more effective at equipping children with the tools they need to succeed in their schooling and beyond. It's no wonder The Academic Advantage has risen to become one of the nation's leadingtutoring programs."

Ramon C. Cortines

Former head of the largest two school districts in the nation, New York City and Los Angeles

  • Chancellor of New York City Department of Education
  • Superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District

""The Academic Advantage changes the lives of our nation's youth by providing them an opportunity to succeed academically. They are committed to their teachers and create a respectful, positive and results-oriented work environment." "

A.J. Duffy

President of the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) from 2005-2011. UTLA is the country's second largest teachers union representing over 40,000 public school teachers.

"Your organization is highly regarded by our schools and parents as a consistent, trustworthy source of supplemental academic programs. We greatly appreciate your contributions to ensuring educational success for our youths in the state of New York."

Steven Sanders

Chair of the Education Committee in the New York State Assembly (1978-2005).

"Our nation's children deserve no less than a quality education and sustainable resources. To that end, The Academic Advantage program has proven to be a stable and impressive force in motivating and enhancing teaching and learning in an environment designed to coordinate with schools' curriculum."

Jill S. Levy

President, American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA) (2006-2009)
President of the Council of Schools Supervisors & Administrators of New York City (CSA) (2000-2006)

2010 Award for New Provider in Chicago

"Provider's superior ability to navigate bureaucracy, create lasting partnerships and focus on best practices during its first year at Chicago Public Schools."

Chicago Public Schools

Office of Student Supports & Engagement

"Your exemplary effort in supporting our young people has helped to contribute to our common goal of making the city a better place in which to live, work and play. A grateful community thanks you."

Jose Huizar

Former President of Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board of Education, the country's second largest school district.

"You are a necessary and welcome addition to our educational community. We are grateful for your presence and commend your continuous efforts in helping students in the state of Florida achieve their academic potential."

Jim Horne

Florida’s Top Education Official, one of the top 10 school districts in the country. Florida Commissioner of Education (2001-2004)

"[The Academic Advantage] have helped to build a brighter future for our youth. Their hard work and dedicationare an inspiration to all Californians."

Gray Davis

Governor of California (1999-2003)

"Academic Advantage tutors show how much they care about their students by making sure each student advances successfully. Their forward-thinking educational techniques have resulted in a dynamic tutoring program that is well-received by educators and parents alike. The Academic Advantage is a true asset to the thousands of K-12 students who have benefitted from their expertise. I regularly recommend them to my friends and colleagues!."

Caprice Young

President of the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education (1999-2003), the country's second largest school district, and founder of the California Charter School Association (CCSA).

"[The Academic Advantage] have encouraged and promoted youth to make strides in their educational success and provide outstanding dedication and service to the youth of our community for their commitment to higher education."

Andrew P. Fox

Former Mayor of Thousand Oaks

"Members of [The Academic Advantage] deserve special recognition by the governing body of this city for their invaluable contribution to many members of this community."

Michael Feinstein

Former Mayor of Santa Monica

"This was my first year with Academic Advantage. I have taught other after school programs, but Academic Advantage was the best program that I have taught thus far. The ten students that I taught loved the program. The small class size made it very easy to teach lessons and for the students to get something genuine out of those lessons. I was asked if I would teach Academic Advantage next year, and I said definitely!"

Ms. Rebecca Podalski

Teacher, Chicago, Illinois

"The Academic Advantage worked with my school on a week-by-week basis to tailor its curricula to fit our students' immediate needs. They worked with our school's teachers to ensure small class sizes so that students could focus and receive the attention they needed. If I ever had a question, I'd have an answer that day - in person."

Pilar Del Rio

Tutor Coordinator, Darwin Elementary, Chicago, Illinois

"Thanks to all [The Academic Advantage's] hard work, I am happy to say that this coming fall my son will begin studies at Harvard!"

Jerry Harris

Principal of Roosevelt Elementary, Santa Monica

"The Academic Advantage instills self confidence and offers the kind of one-on-one attention my grandson needs to help keep his grades on top."

Maryanne Baum

Teacher, Beverly Hills High School

"Our tutor, Monique, is absolutely awesome! Really, she is terrific-punctual, enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and just what we needed. From the beginning of my experience with your company I have been thrilled with your professionalism and desire to make this process as easy as possible."

- Robin F.

Education and Certification Consultant, San Diego

"In all my experiences with educational programs, The Academic Advantage is the most professionally organized program I have encountered."

Naz Yadegar,

Teacher, Stephen S. Wise School, Los Angeles

"I didn't think I would ever get geometry, my worst subject! But almost right away Jenny knew what I was doing wrong and just what to say to help me understand how to succeed!"

Nicole Calderon

12th grade, Irvine

"While my friends' children were enrolled in test preparation courses made up of big groups, my kids were taking a one-on-one course in my own home. My son was taking the ISEE course, while my daughter took the SAT course. The sessions were very informative and completely individualized! My kids learned test taking strategies and concepts that were essential to their success. That probably explains why my son got into the private school of his choice, and my daughter's SAT score increased 230 points. Thanks Academic Advantage!"

Linda Gross


"The Academic Advantage knows what they're doing. We wanted the perfect tutor for our daughter and we got her! Mercedes actually gets her homework done now and has the confidence on her tests to answer the questions. Within three weeks, her teacher called to let us know how improved her work was."

Julie Kim

Huntington Beach

"After consecutive report cards where he received C's, my son lost hope. If it wasn't for his upbeat and experienced tutor who changed his entire perspective on school, he would still be receiving C's instead of A's and B's!"

Craig Wernerberg


"Thanks to my daughter's tutor's dedication and encouragement, she went from having D's and C's to A's and B's in only two months!"

Alexandra Madrid

New York City